Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Inner Person

By Gary Boutin

                            _.-----'' `\
                __..-----'''            `.
               <            `\.           '\
               :.              `.           `\
                `:.              `.           `-.
                  `:\ N  o         `.            `+.
                    `:. A  s  i      `.  __.===::::;)
    .         r   I   `: c       ___.__>'::::::a:f/'
         C          A   `.  _,===:::=-'-=-"""''
     i      d  t         '-/:::''

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My Inner Person

1.He's male
2.Fits me
3.An advisor
4.Help me
5.Focuses me
7.“Not like that
8.The other way”
9.“Screw in first
10.Not the washer”
11.Figure things
13.Get the job done 
14.Perfect for me
15.My inner person
16.Like music
17.Enjoy your inner person,
18.He/she will get through tough time
19.Have conflicts
20.Get along 
21.Don't gossip
22.The secrets in our hearts

Written By Gary Boutin

Vocabulary and Definitions:
What is accentual meter?

Answer: A rhythmic pattern based on a recurring number of accents or stresses in each line of a poem or section of a poem. The information above was obtained here.
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